Service Excellence


Service Excellence.

Service Excellence.

Unmatched package of cost effective and value based payment & collection solutions with multi-channel delivery for complete banking convenience backed by global expertise & experience.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence for banking with us

  • Wide range of electronic and traditional receivable solutions to manage your working capital cycle efficiently.
  • Online Tax Payment1: Pay your direct taxes through Citibank Online.
  • Leverage our global correspondent bank tie-ups for smoother trade transactions across 100+ countries.

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a. National Banking:

With Citibank you have a banking partner in 30 cities. Your Commercial Account offers you cheques payable-at-par at all its branch locations in India plus telex transfer of funds to your current account on realizations. This saves time, avoids delays, and makes available your funds faster.

b. Payable at par Cheque book:

The cheque book is payable like local checks at all Citibank locations. It helps you save the trouble of sending drafts.

c. Free Demand Drafts/Pay Orders:

You can order Demand Drafts/Pay orders on all Citibank locations as well as other locations (more than 1100 tie-ups with other banks) through multiple channels viz. our unique CitiPhone banking platform1, our net banking platform (Citibank online) and any of the Citibank branch.

d. Electronic Funds Transfer:

Using 24-hours Citibank Online, you can transfer funds across 127 cities directly in accounts held in participating banks.

e. eBpay: (Electronic Bulk payment)

The electronic Bulk payment facility helps you with hassle free payments to multiple payees with just a single click.

  • Ability to process large amount of transactions
  • Convenient, saves time and faster processing turnaround
  • Avoids renter of information
  • Transfer of information from excel sheet directly
  • Beneficial for automatic and recurring payments

Efficient cash management is critical for excellent business performance. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in Cash Management in India. Offering both traditional and online solutions to help manage your payments and receivables.

Receivables Management:

a. Traditional Collections Solutions:

This comprehensive receivables & payments solution expedites sales collection across many locations of the country making it easier, faster and cheaper. Our Receivables Management solutions are an integral part of Working Capital Management.

Key benefits

  • Acceleration of Fund Availability
  • Quick turnaround on collection information
  • Automated Reconciliation and customized MIS
  • Optimization of resource allocation given the reduced effort on accounting and reconciliation.

b. E-collect:

Citi's e-collect proposition is a customized electronic receivables solution, which enables same day credit with a provision of "intra-day" MIS in customizable format along with intra-day SMS notification.

Key benefits

  • Reduction in collections cost
  • Enhanced counter party experience resulting in smoother transition
  • Widespread coverage expanding to over 80% of all bank branches in the country
  • Helps increase sales efficiency

c. Payment Gateway:

A Web-based e-portal for making payments using e-commerce application that authorizes payments for e-businesses & online retailers.

Key benefits

  • Faster settlement of realizable proceeds
  • Superior location coverage extending to over 25,000+ bank branches
  • Enables real-time confirmation on payment status ("Success" / "Failure")
  • Multiple payment options through card or internet banking

Payments Management:

a. E-Pay:

Manage all payments with an added layer of security.

Key benefits

  • Additional layer of security through Dynamic Password-based login via SMS OR a hardware token
  • Ability to scale up payments with High Value transaction limits.
  • Enable bulk payments like DD/RTGS/NEFT/Citi to Citi Transfers via single file upload.
  • One step online solution instead of having to process the transactions manually.

a. Online Banking:

Experience the power of banking from the comforts of Home/Office with a security of 128-bit encryption, which protects the identity of your account. Available for both information and online transactions to help you manage your funds efficiently.

b. Transaction on your Account:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer: Using our 24-hours Citibank Online, you can transfer funds across 127 cities directly in accounts held in participating banks
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS): Using our 24-hours CBOL, online settlements
  • Order Demand Drafts/Pay Orders

c. View Account Information:

  • Obtain Account Balance
  • See your Statement of Accounts online
  • Request for a Telephone Banking PIN (T-PIN)
  • Order Cheque books and Deposit Slips
  • Personalized mailbox option for queries on your Account

d. CitiAlert:

This unique feature allows you to keep track of your account wherever you are. This service includes reminders, Alerts and confirmations, as SMS on your mobile phone or as an E-mail. Here's what you get:

  • Account Balance Information
  • Confirmations on Cheques Credited/Debited to your Account
  • Status of the funds in your investment portfolio

e. 24-hours CitiPhone:

A special dedicated 24-hours CitiPhone banking provides convenience of banking over phone for information & transactions.

  • Transfer Funds across your linked Accounts
  • Book Time Deposits
  • Request for re-issue of a lost Card
  • Stop payment on Cheque
  • Get your Account balance
  • Make Citibank Credit Card payments
  • Order Deposit Slips
  • Order a Cheque book
  • Request for a Statement of Accounts to be mailed/faxed to you
  • Order Demand Drafts and have it delivered to your doorstep

f. CitiCard Banking Centers:

CitiCard Banking Centers: Can do most of the Banking Transaction at the nearest ATM. Benefit from the convenience of 700 ATMs located across the country

  • Transfer Funds
  • Place a request for a Cheque book
  • Get a Mini Statement
  • Pay Utility Bills
  • Recharge your Prepaid Mobile

a. Account Representative Services:

You can now send query1 on your account through remote channels via your chosen representatives who may not be signatories/holders in the account. For example, your accountant, secretary, or family members.

  • You can assign a representative on the account and enable him/her to Query on the account
  • You can also decide the channel where the representative will be given access to (i.e., CitiPhone or Citibank online or both)

b. Account Entitlement Services:

This is a secure way of transacting2 on Citibank Online or phone even if the signature requirement on the account is Joint. This offers convenience of Citibank Online and CitiPhone, even for Joint signature requirement.

  • The Entitlement module is based on the maker - Authorizer concept - 1st signatory will need to 'Make' the transaction & all others will need to sequentially access the channel (Call or Login) and 'Authorize' the transaction

c. Statement on E-mail:

Do your bit for the environment! By availing of the Statement on E-mail service, the flexibility of receiving Bank Account Statement.

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