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Credit Card Billing Date and Due Date - Citi Credit Card

Are you keeping up with your finances? Now know your Citi Credit Card payment due date and billing date to avoid late payment and associated charges.

What is a billing date and payment due date?

Billing date or Statement date is the day on which your credit card statement is generated every month and is printed on the top of your statement. The date may vary from one month to the next depending on whether it’s falling on a holiday.

Payment due date is the date by which the payment should be credited to your credit card account so that you avoid interest or late payment charges and continue to maintain your card account in its current/good status.

Payment due dates vary between 17 days and 23 days from your billing date, depending on your payment behavior. Please ensure that you make the payment a day before the Payment Due Date if paying by NEFT/Internal transfer, 2 days before in case the Payment Due Date is a holiday and 4 days before, if paying by Cheque or Visa Money transfer.

The payment due date for a month is communicated to you through the monthly statements you receive on email (if opted) and via CitiAlerts.

You can also login to Citibank Online with your User id and IPIN and view the Billing date or the Payment Due Date, by following the steps in the given illustration:

Alternatively, you can view the dates on your Citi Mobile App:



Choose the card

Select Card

Payment Due

Payment Due Date appears as ‘min due on’ on the right hand side of your screen. To know the Last Billed Date, click on ‘More Details’

Last Billed Date

Last Billed Date is mentioned in the details of the card

Can the payment due date be changed?

The billing date and payment due date for Citi cards cannot be changed.

How is the interest on my Citi Credit Card charged?

Interest will be charged on your Citi Credit Card if you do not pay back total amount due on your card by the payment due date and on cash advances from the day of advance.

Interest is calculated from the date of transaction until the date of full settlement of the dues.

The rate of interest on the card is dynamic and is subject to periodic reviews by the bank. It can vary between 3.10% and 3.40% per month, provided the account continues to be in good standing and all credit card bills are paid on time (at least the Minimum Amount Due).

If you default, that is you do not pay the Minimum Amount Due as per your last credit card statement by the Payment Due Date, the interest rate can increase up to 3.50% per month (i.e. 42.00% annualized).

For complete details on Fees and Charges, please refer to the Most Important Terms & Conditions (MITC) listed here.

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