How to make the most of your Citi Offers

Every day, with a hundred different things running through your head, you hardly have time to remember that there’s a likely Citi Offer that could be saving you money.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Choose from our wide range of Citi Offers today:

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Just bookmark the Citi Offers page and stay updated about the latest offers getting added every day.

You can choose category specific offers based on your lifestyle needs and enjoy exclusive cashbacks and a superior customer experience. Offers range from instant discounts and reward multipliers to cashback offers that get credited within 90 days. You can filter by category or location, search offers by brands and find locations using Google Maps.

You can also access the offers via the Citi mobile app. Tap on ‘Offers for you’ in the bottom-left corner to find your gateway to all Citi Offers across categories.

Follow the Citibank India page on social to never miss an offer and live the good life with Citi.

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