Keep these ready before you start filling your details.

"Director" would include Director on Citibank NA's Board abroad or Member of Local Operations Management Committee (LOMC) of Citibank NA, India. (includes 'Nominee directors' and 'Chairman/Managing Director' ). This would also include directors of Subsidiaries/Trustees of Mutual Funds/Venture Capital Funds set up by Citibank or any other bank.

"Senior Officer" would include any officer in senior management level in Grade C16 and above (Title 'Managing Director' and above).

"Relative" includes: (a) Spouse (b)Father (c) Mother (including step-mother) (d) Son (including step-son) (e) Son's Wife (f) Daughter (including step-daughter) (g) Daughter's Husband (h) Brother (including stepbrother) (i) Brother's wife (j) Sister (including step-sister) (k) Sister's husband (l)Brother (including stepbrother) of the spouse (m) Sister (including stepsister) of the spouse.